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  • Family Devotional Bible

    Devotional Bible to improve the spiritual well being of the family

  • diabetes prevention

    Diabetes in one of the leading lifestyle disease. It can be effectively managed with lifestyle modifications. The good news is that it can be avoided, delayed, managed with harmless options and reversed . This book exposes you to hard truth about scientific facts on prevention and treatment.

  • Encyclopedia of foods and their healing power

    Foods are not just what we eat to quench our taste, they are substances that bring about the proper functions and condition of the body when taken at the right time, for the right age and with the necessary skills in preparation. This is the basis of the oldest hospital (kitchen) that existed. 'Encyclopedia of foods and their healing power' gives a comprehensive view to diets especially as it concerns tropical plants to solve various health challenges.

  • Encyclopedia of foods and their healing power

    This is the book you have long searched for detailed exposition of the healing power of plants

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Many diseases are preventable. We specialize on products and services that promote preventive approach to diseases, dietary interventions and lifestyle modifications. We provide world-class materials from renowned medical practitioners, counselling Psychologists, nutritionists and life style consultants.

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